Hypnosis for fear.

Hypnosis is a wonderful way to overcome fear.


One of the primary reasons people seek hypnosis is the need to deal with fear. We're all subject to fear. Many originate during childhood when undeveloped reasoning ability allows for developing fears of the unknown. 

Fears do manifest in adulthood through traumatic experience, but most will prove to have originated in early, impressionable years. 

Common Fears such as: 

       Fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of public speaking, fear of going out, fear of closed spaces, fear of needles, fear of rejection, fear of failure (or success), fear of pain, fear of poor performance in sports or academics, fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of blood, fear of animals, fear of water, fear of impending danger, fear of darkness, fear of open spaces, fear of loss of control. There are many others, all of which vary in degree of severity. 

Fear can be a good thing. 

       Fear is not always a bad thing. In fact, fear is valuable if it serves a useful purpose, without fear (as in flight or fight) we would probably be extinct. Fear of dangerous snakes is a good thing.  

Fear can be a bad thing. 

Fear can be triggered by unknown or irrational factors, and when it is experienced so frequently that it affects one's normal activities. The inability to understand the causes will often result in uncontrollable or unreasonable behavior. 

Fear of Fear itself. 

When a person is threatened by something that does not in reality present a threat, yet the reaction is the same as if it were real. The fear generates more fear, and the situation cannot be confronted in a calm state, so the victim makes every effort to avoid it. 

Specific fears often emanate from apprehension of impending danger, and tend to manifest into the foreboding of approaching disaster... the source of which is not understood. The fear of loss of control is primitive and is a common element. 

The progression of fear follow four phases to varying degrees.

1 Unrealistic Self-statements create a state of alarm. 

2 Fear of fear itself develops.

3 Personal feelings and reason are rejected as the fear intensifies.

4 Avoidance of any situation, person, place or thing which will arouse the feeling of fear.

Hypnosis for fear can help put your fears into perspective, and change how you react, by confronting your fears. The condition which creates the fear is a threat to the victim because it is unresolved. Exposing the cause can diminish the fear by taking it out of the unknown so that rational suggestions can be used to alleviate symptoms. Once the causes are revealed the technique of systematic desensitization - well organized procedure to bring you back into balance - eliminates the fears by hypnotic confrontation. Repeated confrontation causes deterioration of the fear symptoms and increases the ability to face and deal with past traumatic experiences without apprehension, which the conscious mind then accepts. Hypnotic recall techniques can also be a highly effective for uncovering causes.

Hypnosis For Fear.

Hypnosis For Fear.

Hypnosis for Fear

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