Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

It's not me it's the OCD.


Many of us experience intrusive thoughts from time to time. It is when these thoughts become persistent and dominate your thinking it can become an ‘obsession’. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition that involves obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. It can affect anybody at any age however, it usually occurs during early adulthood. The majority of OCD conditions are attributable to emotional and developmental causes.

While OCD can affect people in different ways, it generally causes the following behaviors:This is when an unwanted thought or urge enters the mind repeatedly. Usually, this thought is distressing, for example, “If I don’t check the oven X amount of times, my house will catch fire”. 

Understandably, such an intrusive and distressing thought leads to feelings of stress and anxiety. Typically there will then be an urge, or compulsion, to carry out an action. This may be physical (like hand washing) or mental (like counting). Carrying out this action will give temporarily relief for the feelings of stress and anxiety. However, the obsessive thoughts and anxiety soon return and the cycle begins again.

Although it is useful to understand what triggers the client’s OCD. Simply understanding the triggers does not change the behavior. The behavior is so deeply embedded in the unconscious mind that the addition of hypnosis is essential for several reasons. 

1 Hypnosis provides deep relaxation, which helps to neutralize the anxiety of OCD clients. 

2 Hypnotic techniques enable a client to identify “OCD thoughts and urges” without identifying with them, so he/she is able to refrain from performing the compulsive behavior. 

3 helping to understanding “it’s not me it’s the OCD”.

4 Ego-strengthening techniques using hypnosis are very effective with “OCD thoughts and urges”.

The tools of hypnosis engage the unconscious mind and in the process return to the Initial traumatic event in the client’s life where the deep anxiety began. When resolved on the deep unconscious level where the original traumatizing event occurred, the person is better able to control the OCD behavior because the Initial triggering event is resolved thus gaining greater control over the OCD behavior.  I enjoy helping people with COD when I get a referral from a licensed medical or mental health care practitioner. 

The effects of OCD

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